Monday, 1 December 2008


Thanks to a poster for informing me that it is in fact Clifford Dann and NOT Ethical Parking who produce the slippery permits.

Therefore I feel we should be requesting an alternative to the cheaply produced laminated "permits" provided, which are helping to exacerbate the problem of "non visible" permits.

Come on Clifford Dann, no real resident need to remove their permit from their windscreen so please provide us with something fit for purpose!

I am unable to edit previous post, so please take this post as my amendment to my original posting

BeccaPacca, did you meant they DIDN'T show you the digital photography?? Please clarify.

Thanks for all your brilliant opinions so far.

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victim said...

How about vehicles such as mine, displaying a permit clearly and parking legitimately, still clamped all the same.
Likewise no reason to remove the permit and the permit has been previously perused by the Ethical operative, so it is known by Ethicals operative the driver holds a permit.
If a permit is displayed and has faded or the like it is not the holders fault.
In my case the claim was we have a photograph showing non display.

Mail to if your parking was legal.